In December, all gift certificates will be $50.00.  Starting January 1st 1 hour massages will be $60 so you will be saving $10 on each one hour massage you purchase!  Guess what else? If you buy 5 or more you will get them for $45 each!  So, if you already get regular massages- why not buy a package and save!   Hour and half massages will also be on sale for $75 each ($85  regular price) Also- say “I’d like to add  hot stone to my massage” this month and get an upgrade to a Hot Stone massage for FREE in December (offer only good during the month of December).  Any questions, give me a call 701-261-5785. (VISA MASTERCARD & DISCOVER CARD are accepted)


Hello Everyone!

I received a phone call the other day from http://www.Unioninfocenter.org  stating that they were looking for businesses that want to support our Military and city, state, county employees (etc. firemen, police officers, city workers, active military, retired military etc…) I said “OF COURSE!”  So if you are a union member or have served, or currently serve in the military, just let me know….You will receive a discount on my services.  Just doing my part to support our city, state, and the red white and blue.  God Bless America.

Now that the weather is FINALLY getting warmer here in Fargo, here are a few tips and healthy routines you may want to add to your day.

1.  Get in the habit of stretching when you first wake up and before you go to bed.  Stretching your muscles is the BEST way to keep your range of motion in check.  Like most people, we usually say “I’ll get around to it”, but actually we never do!  Lack of range of motion is one of the first things that happens to our bodies that makes us feel “old”.  So touch your toes and raise your arms above your head, or sit on the floor cross legged a few times a day… you’ll be surprised by how good it feels to STRETCH.

2. Drink plenty of water.  I know, you’ve heard this one before, but that’s because it’s TRUE.  Your body needs anywhere, on average, of 7-10 glasses of water per day.  A great trick I’ve started doing is to get a nice pitcher (glass is my preference) of water, and add some slices of lemon to it at the beginning of the day…now that is YOUR water for today…easy!

3.  Don’t eat anything that didn’t grow.  It’s summer so food is fresh, cheap and easy to find.   Broccoli, leafy dark greens, onions, beans, and salmon are all great places to start.

4.  Stay active.  Walking at least 20 minutes a day helps your metabolism and actually helps combat depression!

5.  Get a massage once a month.  Of course I HAVE to throw that one in (grin grin) but it does help keep you from getting the aches and pains in the first place!   By stimulating blood flow, massage helps bring nutrients to your muscles and also helps your body flush out lactic acid and metabolic waste (the stuff that can cause muscle soreness).


I have a booth this year at the Holistic Expo. I’m so excited!  I will be doing chair massages ($1 a minute) and energy balancing ($1 a minute) in booth #213 with my great friend, Carol Rogne.

I am also signed up to host a FREE workshop on Saturday, April 21st at 3pm.  Go to www.Edgelife.net for more information.

My mother is the one who told me to try flaxseed when I was getting kind of moody and low energy. It turns out that flaxseed, if you grind it yourself, can turn around an emotional rollercoaster and balance out those PMS hormones like nobody’s business! I had a friend of mine tell me, ” Oh I tried flaxseed, it didn’t do much for me.” I asked, “Did you grind it yourself?”
She said, ” No, I bought it preground.”

Let me explain something to you…. the abundance of omega-3 fatty acids found in flaxseed are mostly in the oil of the seed. Which are then released when you grind it (you need to grind it by the way) but will evaporate after being exposed to air for more than a couple days. So buy yourself an $8 grinder and grind 2 tbsp of it every morning. Put it in your V8 juice, your oatmeal, your yogurt or even your cereal. It’s got a nice light nutty taste and YOU WILL NOTICE A DIFFERENCE. When I really need some help, for example right now when the seasons are changing, I take 2 tbsp in the morning and 2 more around 3 pm (in a snack like yogurt). Man, I’m making myself hungry..

Valentine’s Day Deals!

Ask anyone if getting a massage as a gift is a good thing, and the overall excited response is “Yes!” Call now 701-261-5785 and receive a $60 one hour massage for only $50! (Gift Certificates can be mailed/ emailed or filed onsite so they won’t lose it) Just call Tracy for details.